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  • Not only does he keep forgetting every three digit code he

    She gets better. The Bully: There’s one at the restaurant Ayu works at later in the series. Camp Gay: Oka. Cannot Spit It Out: The taxi driver can’t admit to Ayu that he’s her father. Catholic School Girls Rule: Not Catholic, but in the live action version, one of the johns was very adamant that […]

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  • Foreshadowing: Teresa Corazon asks Harry if he is like the

    As a result, the post Endor uprising is made out of criminal cartels like the Trade Spine League, ex nobles and generally anybody else with a grudge against the Empire and a willingness to fight. Single Biome Planet: Hoth in general and Echo Base in particular makes a return. Scavengers have set up shop to […]

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  • A Doutrina Secreta

    Power point utilizado na palestra a Doutrina Secreta. Palestrante: Rogério Wittmann Download da Apresentação

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